Puja and Ceremony

Pandit Pradeep Bhat ji performs all puja, ceremonies and rituals for auspicious days, for special occasions and Hindu samskaras.

The most popular puja is Shri Satyanarayan Puja that can be organised on any day for any purposes. Most of the devotees prefer it be arranged on a full moon day that is Poornima of any month.

There are other popular puja that provides people with peace of mind, expression of their gratitude towards HIM and inner satisfaction.

Vahana Puja and Griha Pravesh have been a must for all believers in Hinduism. People remember and dedicate their successes and achievements to their God (whatever you call HIM).

Puja and ceremonies are not limited to Hindu followers only. Anyone interested and have faith in HIM can get our services – with devotion, trust and understanding for different faith and religious followings!